Network Security Essentials for Locally-Managed Fireboxes


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This video series introduces the basic concepts of networking and network security. It also includes Fireware Essentials v.12.7 training to teach the setup, management and monitoring capabilities of the WatchGuard Firebox. (14.5 hours)

You can find the supplemental Lab Book for the training here: Network Security Essentials Lab Book.

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This course includes:

  • Network and Security Basics: IP Addresses, Subnetting, Routing, MAC Addresses, NAT, VLANS, TCP vs. UDP, ARP, Important Protocols, Encryption, Understanding Certificates, and VPN
  • Fireware Essentials
    • Firebox Administration & Setup: Firebox Setup (Factory-Default Settings, Web Setup Wizard), Web Setup Wizard with Built-in Wi-Fi, RapidDeploy Introduction, WatchGuard Cloud RapidDeploy, WSM vs. Web UI for Configuration Management, Role-Based Administration, Firebox Feature Keys, Configuration File and Backup Image, Upgrade a Firebox, Default Threat Protection, and Global Settings, NTP, and SNMP
    • Logging & Monitoring: Visibility (Add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud, Create Scheduled Reports, and Backup, Restore, Upgrade, Reboot), Dimension Setup Wizard, Configure Dimension to Email Notifications and Reports, Set Up Firebox Logging to Dimension, Monitoring in Firebox Systems Manager, Network Diagnostic Tasks in Firebox System Manager, and Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools in Fireware Web UI
    • Networking: Network Routing Modes, Mixed Routing Mode and WINS/DNS, Aliases, Interfaces, Policies, VLANs (Introduction, Configure VLANs, Logging and Monitoring) Multi-WAN (Link Monitoring, Methods, and SD-WAN), Static Routing Basics, Dynamic NAT (Introduction, Configuration, Secondary IP Addresses and DNAT), Static NAT (Introduction, Secondary IP Addresses, and Port Address Translation), and 1-to-1 NAT
    • Policies: Firewall Policies Overview, Policy Logging Settings, Policy From and To Fields, Policy Precedence and Ordering, Policy Schedules, Traffic Management, and QoS
    • Security Services & Policies: WatchGuard Security Services - Best in Breed, Packet Filter Policies and Security Services, and Proxies and Security Services
    • Application Control & IPS: Intrusion Prevention Service, Application Control Actions, and Application Control in Policies
    • Proxies: Proxy Policies and Proxy Actions, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), FTP Proxy Policy and Proxy Actions, Gateway AV and IntelligentAV in Proxies, APT Blocker, VoIP, Getting Started with spamBlocker, POP3 and IMAP Proxies, SMTP Proxy, HTTP Proxy (Configure Proxy Settings and Log Messages), WebBlocker, HTTPS Proxy UI and Settings, HTTPS Proxy Content Inspection, and Content Actions and Domain Name Rules 
    • Authentication: Authentication Servers Overview, Users and Groups in Policies, Firebox Authentication Portal, Certificates, and Understand Certificate Errors for Connections to a Firebox
    • Mobile VPN: Mobile VPN Routing, Fireware Mobile VPN Solutions Overview, Mobile VPN with SSL (VPN Configuration, and Deployment and Client Connection), Mobile VPN with IKE v2, Mobile VPN with L2TP, Access Portal Introduction, and Access Portal with RDP and SSH
    • Branch Office VPN: BOVPN Introduction, BOVPN Configuration, BOVPN Dynamic Public IP Addresses, BOVPN 1-to-1 NAT, Dynamic NAT, and BOVPN over TLS and BOVPN Virtual Interfaces

This course was updated on 26 April 2022. For details, see the Change Log.


14.4 hours