Network Security Essentials


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This video series introduces the basic concepts of networking and network security. It also includes Fireware Essentials v.12.5.3 training to teach the setup, management and monitoring capabilities of the WatchGuard Firebox. (13 hours)

You can find the supplemental PDF to the videos here: Network Security Essentials Study Guide.

You can find the supplemental Lab Book for the training here: Network Security Essentials Lab Book.


This course includes:

  • Network Basics
  • Network Security Basics
  • Fireware Essentials
    • Firebox Administration & Setup
    • Logging & Monitoring
    • Networking
    • Policies
    • Security Services & Policies
    • Application Control & IPS
    • Proxies
    • Authentication
    • Mobile VPN
    • Branch Office VPN

This course was updated on 10 November 2020. Please refer to the Change Log in the course resources for information. 


13 hours